Facilitate Growth By Organizing the Complexity of Your Business !

Unlike manual processes or low cost generic software solutions, SwiftBin helps you grow profitably and empowers you and your staff to deliver exceptional service to your customers by fully integrating all the right modules you need to efficiently & accurately run your operation.

SwiftBin offers a end-to-end approach to business, product integration and optimization. SwiftBin also allows a remote CRM, sales portal and job control tools. The software can be used 24/7 including backup without shutdown.

Well Designed
SwiftBin has been designed in consideration with latest design trends and standards. A software designed to be used extremely easily saving you time and effort.
Easy to Use and Integrate
SwiftBin is extremely easy to use, with all modules being extremely organised in a nice, simple manner. The software is also capable of running on both Mac and PC as well as iPad, iPhone etc.
Powerful Charting and Reporting
The software contains powerful reporting and charting capabilities. This allows you to project into the future and make decisions that can benefit your business best.


The Client area is a module that allows you to save and access information for all your clients. It allows you to see Jobs and Invoices related to that client as well as Payment Info, multiple addresses, comments etc. You can also assign customers to specific categories and later on access statistics related to those categories allowing valuable insight into type of customers.

You can also see the address of the client on a Google Map, as well as all information regarding when the customer information was last modified and created.

Store client information for that specific client.
Payment information for the client can be secured here safely.
Cycle through different clients.
Store multiple addresses for each client.
Client information automatically imported from the Client module if that specific client exists.
Specific products for that job are selected here, and delivery and pickup address are allocated.
All information regarding accounts, project profit and balance etc.
Scheduling exact date and time for when delivery and pickup are occurring, as well as selecting which driver for each pickup and delivery.


The JobĀ area is a module that create and save jobs related to specific clients, as well as store info related to that job such as product items, bins, delivery/pickup dates etc. All client information is automatically populated from the Client module, if that specific client exists. Profit, Grand Total etc are all automatically calculated and Tipping Expenses can also be entered into each job.

A list mode allows you to see all jobs entered into the module and filter according to Name, Date, Status etc.


The Schedule module allows you to see which jobs have been scheduled for dates and specific drivers. You can pint or save the run-sheet for specific driver or specific dates. Its also possible to put these jobs in a certain order so they can be deliveredĀ in accordance with the driver’s preference. You can filter and sort according to whatever criteria is required.

All Completed items are marked green.
Runsheets for that day are printed or saved through here.
Comments for the driver are added here.
Filter according to date and driver.
Client information automatically imported from the Client module if that specific client exists.
These are two buttons that you can use to either print the invoice with GST, or without GST as well set the status of invoice, whether its been paid, sent etc.
Older invoices for that specific client are showed here.
Products for that invoice are automatically imported from the job area.


Invoice is a module that allows you to create invoices for specific jobs. You can select more than one job and create invoices in one bout or them all, or create invoices individually for each job. All related info that job is automatically imported and you must do is print the invoice etc.

You can add comments to be included on the invoice as well as check how much balance is still left to that specific client.


The Expense module is to store information regarding specific expenses related to each jobs. You have a powerful global search system as well the ability to sort according to whatever criteria.

Records the expenses related to each job such as Fuel, Tipping etc.
The button can be used to create New Expense.
The field can be used to search for specific expenses.